Learning problems are not about losing the battle. Remedial aid is about giving your child wings.

“Remedial aid is a process by which learning problems are circumvented so that a child can perform at his or her full potential”.

This philosophy has made Anne-Marie Swart one of the most respected names in the remedial field.

Throughout her career she has helped numerous children overcome their learning problems through individual therapy and unlock their true potential. Many of them went on to become well known names in their respective professions and careers.

She describes remedial aid as a three pronged process that starts with pin-pointing the exact cause of the learning problem; gaining the child’s trust and boosting self-confidence by helping a learner achieve a series of meaningful successes.

Children with learning problems often exhibit the typical features of ADHD and have problems with reading, spelling, reading comprehension, written expression and mathematics. Her practice is well equipped with apparatus as well as computer aided programmes. In her practice she often has to deal with several social problems, like the effects of divorce, delinquency, drug abuse, unplanned pregnancies, dysfunctional family relationships etc. This is always dealt with in consultation with other experts.

Anne-Marie started her career as a very successful French teacher at a Pretoria High School. However, she gradually became more interested in why even “bright” children often do not realise their true potential. She eventually enrolled for a two year post-graduate diploma in special education at the University of South Africa.

This training equipped and authorized her to administer highly effective standardized and diagnostic tests, which can pin-point a learner’s exact learning problem. This information is imperative as a seeming learning problem in one area could have its cause in a totally different aspect of learning. In this way problems with mathematics, for instance, can often be attributed to reading disabilities.

Without this information “remedial aid” is more that “extra classes”.

Before she went into private practice she had a career of more than a decade in special education, were she dealt with learners with all sorts of disabilities, from the physically handicapped to the autistic. This gave her a unique back ground.

Through the years she has kept abreast with the latest developments and attended courses in the Lozanoff learning method, Accelerated Learning Methods and Creative Thinking Methods (De Bono’s Cort System).

She has been involved in various educational projects, like the University of Pretoria’s “Bright Ideas Project”. For the Uptrail Trust she became involved in teaching rural mothers how to mentally stimulate and raise babies and small children.

She also held various radio talks on children with learning problems, wrote articles on the subject and gave seminars on topics like Creative Thinking, Mind Mapping, Structuring the class room for the learning disabled child and preparing your child to read.

Anne-Marie also designed English language courses for Non English speakers and have successfully taught native Serbian, Spanish, Japanese and Arab speakers. She was also involved in teaching French and English to military personnel.