Learning problems are not about losing the battle. Remedial aid is about giving your child wings.

Those of us who have encountered an unknown language without understanding what is expected of us will experience only a fraction of the frustration of the child with reading problems.
Initially the parents and teachers involved with a child who can’t read adequately, are concerned with his academic performance. But reading problems also affects the child’s social maturity and relationships, ordinary daily tasks like reading signs, look up telephone numbers, complete forms and order from a menu.
It can also affect the dynamics within the family often leading to severe frustration among the family members. Moreover, it gives rise to a sense of failure to the child, and guilt feelings for the parents (where did I go wrong?)

Remedial aid addresses:

  • Sound recognition
  • Reading
  • Reading comprehension
  • Written expression
  • Spelling
  • Mathematics: Number bonds, tables and word sums as well as the different aspects of mathematics as covered by the curriculum.